ACID Egypt Reminder

Dear valued client,

Please note that the Egyptian law has implemented a new customs system called Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) to simplify the cargo release procedure and to verify both the exporter and the importer’s data, as well as the acceptance/rejection of certain types of commodities. Therefore, the cargo owner/importer must obtain Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) from the customs authority prior to shipping his shipment to Egypt.

Regarding pre-registration of shipments before shipping (ACI)
The importer, the owner of the goods, or his agent of the customs brokers will be obliged by the following steps before the shipment move from the origin:

1. Presenting all the required data with the shipment documents (comm inv, PL, etc..) electronically to the customs authority thru website (Nafza) Including the TAX# of the importer & Tax# of the exporter and HS code.
2. The customs will review the commodity of the cargo & whether it is accepted or not, in case the commodity is accepted the customs will give the importer Initial registration number (ACID).
3. The importer (consignee, or his representative) will notify the exporter (consignor) or his representative by this (ACID) in order to be added on all the shipping documents especially the B/L.
4. In case the B/L doesn’t mention this ACID as above clarification, the customs will refuse the cargo & the container will not allow to discharge from the vessel and it will be re-export under the importer liability and on his account.

This means that for all shipments to Egypt, as per ETS 01/10, we need the ACID number latest on day of CFS closing.

Without the ACID number, it’s not allowed to load your shipment.

Please be aware that we will charge an additional administration fee of €15,-

You can find more information about the ACID number on the following website:

Trust to have informed you well and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

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Antwerp – Belgium


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