Current situation Canada

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We would like to inform you about the current developments in Canada.

Snowstorm in Toronto Area
Due to a massive snowstorm, snowing up to 50cm between the period of January 16th to 17th, traffic is congested in many regions within Toronto. As of January 18th, air and rail terminals are maintaining their operations at full capacity. However, ground transportation requires approximately 2 days for conditions to return to full capacity.

Current Vancouver Port Situation
Due to massive increase in volumes of shipments since November 2021, with the addition of the cold conditions of weather has cause further delays in all operations in Vancouver. Vancouver’s largest ports (Deltaport, Vanterm and Centerm) are currently exhibiting 2-3 week delays with operations. As for Fraser Surrey Dock which services SM Line ships, it takes approximately 4 weeks for shipments to offload from ships and arrange within the port.

Current Situation for CN (Canadian National) and CP (Canadian Pacific)
Since the major floods in the western regions of Canada late last year, rail operations were suspended and are now running at full capacity. It takes approximately 7-10 days for shipments to be discharged and loaded onto rail for departure. Once shipments are loaded, transit times to Toronto and Montreal are 7 and 8 days respectively. However, current inclement weather can incur delays.

Current British Columbia Highway Conditions
The 3 main highways have been repaired for public use which were previously closed due to major floods affecting many regions in the western region of Canada. With a spike increase in shipment volumes, weather conditions, and lack of truck drivers available due to COVID-19, trucking rates remain at high levels for transportation services to Toronto and Montreal.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently and want to thank you for your understanding. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Famous team for additional questions.

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