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Dear valued client,

Due to the recent heavy rains and flooding in many parts of Durban, we have received the following message from our agent.


As a result of the recent heavy rains and flooding in many parts of Durban, Please take note that our Export CFS have declared a Force Majeure for all Export cargo in Durban.

As per the noticed issued to us, the depot has advised that on first assessment of the damage to the cargo at their facility, they have noted that the extent of damage is severe, with many consignments unidentifiable.  This is due to severely compromised packaging which has resulted  in the removal of the marks and numbers, and have pointed out that much of the cargo will therefore be identifiable largely by commodity. The depot have however assured us that they will make every effort to identify consignments where possible.  

The Depot have requested the collection of all cargo from their site as from tomorrow 20th April 2022. Unfortunately the export Depot will not allow any surveying and assessments on site, and therefore all cargo must be collected from the depot in order to enable shippers to assess damage for insurance purposes at their own facilities.  All shippers are obliged to report loss/damage to their respective insurance companies.

While the depot have allowed for free storage from 12-29 April 2022 – they have called for urgent evacuation of cargo from the depot in order to assist them in following the processes required to resume normal operations.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,

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Antwerp – Belgium

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