Declaring Dangerous Goods

Dear valued client,


We need to inform you about the importance of properly declaring dangerous goods.

As a result of increasing incidents with dangerous goods (DG) Shipping lines follows a strict policy concerning declaration of IMO goods.

For all DG shipments, we need accurate declarations in accordance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code. (IMDG code).

Failure to make accurate DG declarations could not only result in cargo and property damage, but also brings the people and environment in danger.


For better protection, shipping lines have started to charge a penalty for each misdeclaration which will start from USD 25000.-

When there is a misdeclaration fines/ penalty invoices can’t be contested.


FPS Famous Pacific Shipping B.V. will hold the booking party responsible for all costs and risks related to any missing or improper DG declaration.



Please note that FPS will check the DG declarations before we send this to the shipping line to avoid wrongly issued documents will be declared.
Our staff will give advises about the amendments which needs to be done on the declaration, but this information is only based on our interpretation of the IMDG code.

This means we can’t be responsible for any misdeclarations caused by the advice of our staff. The responsibility for proper packing and declaring DG goods is with the booking party/ supplier of the goods.


Best Regards,


FPS Famous Pacific Shipping B.V.

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