In 2017, Chinese New Year (known in modern Chinese as the Spring Festival) will be celebrated earlier than usual. The official celebrations kick off on January 28th, however most factories and other companies will be closing their doors a little earlier, on January 26th.

During the period leading up to the festivities, it is often found quite challenging to acquire the required space with carriers. Another side effect of this busy period, is that especially during the last few days, the waiting time at the distribution centers and other warehouses is increased tremendously – drivers sometimes have to wait over 24 hours to deliver their goods. Last but not least, carriers will see the increased demand for space as an opportunity to increase the ocean freight rates, albeit on a temporary basis.

Our advice to you, our valued customer, is to make sure your orders are dispatched well in time to avoid unnecessary waiting time as well as the possible event of your order not being shipped before all companies close. Should you require additional information and/or assistance in moving your goods before Chinese New Year, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.