SEP-2015 / IMO regulations

We herewith inform you that after the recent incidents at the port of Tianjin we cannot accept any Dangerous goods to Tianjing/Xingang and Qingdao until further notice.

Our agent in Shanghai informed us about new IMO regulations for DG cargo to Shanghai:

We can only accept the DG shipment belong to class 8 and Class 9 .
a. Dangerous Goods Cargoes to be accompanied by a MSDS
(Material Safety Data Sheet) in the Chinese language
b. Label individual package, containing dangerous goods, with a
Chinese label mentioning:
– commercial product name;
– UN number;
– composition/concentration;
– GHS label;
– first aid and emergency disposal methods;
– emergency contact person & phone number.

If you have any questions or more information needed, please contact our Planning Desk.