JUNE-2017 / Customer advisory – Political situation in Qatar.

Dear valued customer,

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and a growing list of other countries have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar over its alleged support of terrorism.
In light of these recent political developments, FPS would like to inform you of the effects of the arisen situation.

  • FPS does not accept shipments for Doha via Dubai or through any aforementioned countries for the time being.
  • Your current shipments for Doha which are awaiting transhipment in Dubai, shall be held at our agent’s CFS until a political decision is made by the involved Governments, or until an alternative method to move your shipment has been found.
  • For shipments with final destination in Qatar which are already on water and on the way to Dubai port, the same procedure shall be followed until a solution has been found.

FPS is closely monitoring the progress and we will keep you informed of future developments.
Thanks for your understanding and support.

FPS Famous Pacific Shipping Rotterdam